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February Newsletter

We think it’s fair to say February can be a challenging month for many. 

The weather is cold, it’s dark and we’re all eagerly waiting for spring. February can also be an exciting month that brings opportunities to meet new people, grow relationships you already have and practice self-care. This month we’ll talk about combating those winter blues and how to maintain healthy relationships!


The "winter blues" is often a term used during winter when the days are shorter and the weather is snowy. At times, some people might feel sad, low, or even depressed during this time of the year. If this sounds like you may experience this, keep a few of these helpful tips in mind: 

  • Get sunlight when you can. Exercising is one of the best ways to improve your mood and combat the "winter blues." Our Adventure WV department has a ton of trips, programs and equipment you can rent out no matter what your interest or experience level is. 
  • Additionally, you can sign up for one of the Well-being Adventure Series. You have two upcoming programs you can choose from including
  • Eating vegetables to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Did you know WVU has a registered dietitian who is here to help you achieve your nutritional and wellness goals and overcome dietary challenges? 
  • Move your body through activities that you enjoy! Need some ideas? Check out the spring fitness schedule at the Student Rec Center, take a walk on campus or turn up the tunes and dance in your room. 


Are you questioning if the relationship you are in is a healthy one? Relationships are a healthy part of life and connecting with others is critical to our physical and mental health. Healthy relationships involve mutual trust, respect, support, honesty, individuality, fairness, and willingness to share how you are feeling. As you are navigating this question, ask yourself, does my partner provide me with these things? And do I provide them with them as well?

How to build healthy relationships. The first step is to be patient with yourself. Building healthy relationships and friendships can take time. Make sure you are being patient and kind with others too as they learn to trust someone and build a foundation. 

Identify your own needs and boundaries so you can communicate clearly with your friend or partner what those may be. Remember to also ask them about theirs. Knowing each other’s boundaries can help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the future. 

Use healthy communication in your conversations. Use “I statements” to clearly express yourself without placing blame or judgment. Make sure to not name-call or throw insults when trying to effectively communicate. 

It’s always important to forgive where you can and seek forgiveness when you screw up. When you expect more from others than you expect from yourself, your relationships are not going to be nearly as enduring and healthy as you might hope. Being able to accept and forgive the shortcomings of others makes it much more likely that you’ll build the kind of friendships and partnerships that last. 


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