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To schedule an appointment, click " Make An Appointment" during our operational hours or call 304-293-4431.

Urgent/Crisis Clinic

The Urgent/Crisis Clinic is for students experiencing a psychological emergency or are in immediate need for a same-day intervention.

The CCCPS Urgent/Crisis Clinic provides same day in-person visits Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM. A crisis counselor will meet with you to help problem solve, to give you tips to help manage your emotional response, and to discuss a safety plan. During these hours if a student is experiencing a crisis, having trouble maintaining their emotional state, or is in need of a same-day urgent appointment, they can come to the CCCPS office and check in to the Urgent/Crisis Clinic with the front desk.

Examples of Urgent/Crisis Issues:

  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm and feeling uncertain about keeping yourself safe 
  • Thoughts of seriously harming another person 
  • Death of a loved one 
  • Have not slept at all in 3 or more days 
  • Recent physical or sexual assault, stalking, or relationship violence 
  • Hearing voices or impaired reality 
  • Not being able to function due to extreme psychological distress 
  • Immediate overwhelming anxiety and can’t calm self down 
  • Worried about physical symptoms from substance or alcohol use

How to access the Crisis Clinic

  1. Present to the CCCPS Office on the second floor of the Student Health Building.
  2. Inform the administrative staff you are coming in for the Urgent/Crisis Clinic. 
  3. You will fill out some initial paperwork. Once completed, you will meet with a clinician.

Additional Crisis Resources:

Crisis Text Line
Students experiencing an after-hours crisis or emergency can access an on-call counselor by calling (304) 293-4431 and selecting option 1 or by texting “WVU” to 741741.

Emergency Department
Students experiencing an acute crisis that warrants immediate medical attention should proceed to the nearest emergency department.