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Community Providers

The lists below provides a selection of local mental health providers for students. Students seek off-campus, local resources for many reasons such as wanting long term or specialized care, etc. This list does not include every provider in the area and we try to update it regularly. Students should always check that their insurance is accepted at any location they visit. 

This information is offered for convenience. Each person’s needs are unique and the Carruth Center does not endorse any particular community provider.

When attempting to find a mental health therapist or psychiatrist for your care, these could be great starting questions to ask or information to give:

  • What states are you licensed in?  (In case you plan on going home and utilizing treatment during breaks)
  • What insurance do you take?  
  • Do you have any particular areas of interest, training or specialties?
  • In your practice, do you have someone that prescribes medication?  (if you need so)
  • What is your evening and weekend availability? 
  • What is your experience working with specific populations? (ie. LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Students with Disabilities, Religion/Spirituality?)
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Are you providing in person services, telehealth services or both? 

Helpful resources to aid you in finding a community therapist/provider:

Recognized National Organizations That Sponsor Support Groups

There are also many recognized national organizations that sponsor or host mental health support groups. These support groups offer those who struggle with their mental health an opportunity to listen and be heard in a community setting. Below is a list of some of the most respected mental health organizations in the United States.