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Wellbeing and Mental Health Student Advisory Board

The  WVU Wellbeing and Mental Health Student Advisory Board (WMHSAB) was created in order to bridge the gap between students and University administration with regard to wellbeing and mental health on campus.

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Created by WVU's Student Government Association in 2021, the WMHSAB aims to streamline communication between students and administration to better represent student wants and needs. The Board provides feedback and ideas to University officials in the realm of wellness and mental health. The Board aims to represent diverse perspectives and experiences across the student body. The overall aim of the Board is to improve the quality and accessibility of wellness and mental health resources at WVU and create a positive and supportive campus culture.


The WMHSAB consists of 13 students dedicated to the wellness and mental health of their peers at West Virginia University. At the first meeting of the academic year, the Board votes on two Co-Chairs to lead meetings.


The WMHSAB currently meets biweekly on Tuesdays at 7:00PM in the Student Health Building. This meeting time is subject to change per semester. Each meeting includes an Open Student Session and an Open Administrator Session in which students and administrators alike are welcome to speak to the board regarding feedback or issues on campus. 


The WMHSAB application process is currently open for new members. 

To apply please click here to complete the application

Contact Information

Inquiries can be directed to the Board at Students may provide feedback and concerns regarding wellness and mental health-related services and programming. The Board is not a substitute for mental health treatment; rather mental health concerns should be directed to the Carruth Center at (304) 293-4431 or 911 in the case of an emergency. 

Current Board Members

  • Nadia Hansen (Junior) - Co-Chair
  • Nicholas Palmer (Senior) - Co-Chair
  • Paige Tyra (Junior)
  • Charlotte Jones (Junior)
  • Heather Hainer (Senior)
  • Lalani Brown (Junior)
  • Erin Skaff (Freshman)
  • Dustin Donner (Graduate Student)
  • Nathaniel Godwin (Graduate Student)
  • Anabella Tiano (Junior)
  • Avery Conner (Junior)
  • Kathryn Ramseyer (Freshman)
  • Christopher Smith (Junior)
  • Caitlin Shiels (Junior)