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The Carruth Center is open, but most of our clinicians are working remotely. We are only seeing psychological and psychiatric emergencies in person at this time. For information about counseling options available to students located in West Virginia as well as students currently outside of the state, please see our COVID-19 updates page.

Orientation to Services

Thank you for trusting us to assist you with your personal concerns. CCPPS is a multidisciplinary unit composed of social workers, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, physician’s assistants, and graduate students in training who work collaboratively to address the psychological and psychiatric needs of our students. Please take the time to read and understand this information and ask your therapist about any portions which may be unclear to you. This document contains important information about our professional services and what to expect from your visit to CCPPS. 

Therapy Services

Some things to expect during your initial visit: 

  • You will complete some paperwork and some forms on a computer
  • You will meet, briefly (~30 minutes), with one of our clinical staff
  • You will have an opportunity to talk about your reasons for visiting and will be asked several questions so the therapist can better understand your needs
  • You will be provided with information about services/treatment options which include:
    • Group therapy
    • Brief individual therapy (up to 12 sessions, with most attending 4-5 sessions)
    • Couples therapy (on a very limited basis depending on clinical demand)
    • Referral to other services (e.g., therapists in the community, psychiatry)

Your therapist will help you decide what treatment best fits your needs.


Who can use CCPPS services? 

  • Any student enrolled at the university who can provide proof of eligibility and has paid the appropriate fees
  • Students not enrolled in Summer I or II are eligible for services only if they were enrolled for the previous spring semester, have pre-registered for fall semester, and have paid the “Summer Services Fee” through the Office of Student Accounts


  • Clinically indicated individual counseling sessions are available at no additional cost to students 
  • Clinically indicated sessions beyond the usual number must be approved by a review process and are subject to a service fee/co-pay of $25.00 for each individual or couples session after the usual number
  • These fees are paid through an online payment portal
  • Tests and screening services are available at an additional cost

Cancellation policy

  • Regular attendance is an important part of participation in therapy services. If you must miss appointments, keep in mind the following: 
    • It is your responsibility to notify your therapist or the Carruth Center of your need to cancel (please do so 24 hours in advance if possible)
    • If you fail to cancel your appointment or repeatedly cancel appointments, your therapist may be unable to hold an appointment time for you
    • Students who routinely miss and/or cancel appointments may be reassigned to services through our drop in hours

Mandated Counseling

Counseling to meet the requirements of alcohol/substance use–related sanctions are available for a fee from our staff in the Student Assistance Program. Other types of judicial, academic program or court mandated counseling are not provided at CCPPS. Read more about mandated referrals.

Withdrawals and Requests for Letters 

CCPPS staff do not manage withdrawal requests and cannot provide “medical withdrawals.” Only in rare circumstances, for ongoing clients, are CCPPS staff able to provide letters regarding use of services for various purposes (e.g., financial aid appeals). The decision as to whether to provide a letter and what to include is made by your therapist.

Technology and Social Media 

For your privacy and care, CCPPS staff do not communicate/interact with students who are clients via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets. 


If you are under age 18, please note the law may provide your parents the right to examine your treatment records. Before giving your parents or legal guardian any information, we will discuss the matter with you, if possible, and do our best to handle any objections you may have with what we are prepared to disclose.

Emergency Services

If you are in need of immediate psychological help when your therapist is not available, the following services are available:

  • Between 9 AM and 5 PM (M – F): Please call us at 304-293-4431 and inform the front desk staff you are experiencing a crisis
  •  After hours: Call 304-293-4431 and ask to speak with the therapist on call

If for some reason that option is not available to you, visit the nearest Emergency Room and ask for the mental health professional on call

Additional emergency numbers available 24/7 which may help in case of emergency 


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