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To schedule an appointment, click " Make An Appointment" during our operational hours or call 304-293-4431.

Fees and Payments

Counseling Service Fee

Individual counseling sessions are typically brief and are goal-oriented, allowing students to focus on a specific concern. Students are not charged a fee for short-term counseling services and we do not bill insurance. Group counseling does not have a charge. 

Not every student’s needs may be met through short-term counseling.  Students needing counseling beyond our regular limit will be charged a service fee of $15 per session. This is based on a student's individualized needs and will be discussed with them during their course of treatment. 

Request for records

There is a service fee of $11.00 per records request.

A form will need to be completed and submitted. Please call 304-293-4431 regarding this process.

SAP Mandated Program Fees

SAP fees are assessed at the time of initial appointment.  These fees range from $50-$300 depending on the services that are needed by the individual.  

NOTE: No shows for any SAP session or group will incur a $25 no-show fee per missed session.


Payments can be made online for the following services:

  • SAP/Student Assistance Program
  • Counseling services
  • Records request
Visit Payment Portal