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Welcome to the Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCCPS) Training Program! Our center has a long history of providing professional training in the mental health fields to graduate students from West Virginia University, neighboring institutions, and - in the case of our APA accredited Health Service Psychology Internship - from various locations across the country every year. We consider CCCPS a training site; historically, up to 20 graduate students have pursued training experiences with us in one single academic year. Training is therefore an inherent part of what we do as a unit, and one of the many ways professionals at CCCPS serve the WVU community and our respective fields.

We offer three distinct overall training tracks, determined by incoming students’ graduate degree requirements. In each one of those tracks we seek to provide experiences that are developmentally appropriate, closely supervised, sequential and experiential. Despite a pre-determined overall training track, we also attempt as much as possible to tailor training experiences adaptively throughout the year to each student’s changing level of competence, as well as interests, training and professional goals.

At CCCPS we value, welcome and affirm the ways in which our staff, trainees and clients identify and define themselves (see A Diverse Community) and how these identities and definitions may change over time. Simultaneously, we seek to understand the ways power, privilege and oppression currently impact or have historically impacted those identities, and to support and advocate for staff, trainees and clients alike when needed and possible to do so.

Please explore this website for information regarding how our training program may best suit your training and professional goals, and feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may accrue in that process.