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The Carruth Center will be closed November 24th, 25th and 26th during Fall Recess.   We will still have 24/7 phone counseling available to students during this time and you can reach that by calling (304)293-4431 x1. 

Make an Appointment

*Students who are interested in an Initial appointment for November 22nd and 23rd should call (304)293-4431.  Online Scheduling will not be available during this period.  

Initial Appointments

The majority of our services are in person, however we have some options for telemental health as clinically indicated. 

  • If you are in isolation due to being exposed to COVID-19 or are having any symptoms of COVID-19, please call  304-293-4431 to discuss a virtual option until you are done with isolation.
  • Initial appointments are approximately 30 minutes long and will help you and the clinician determine what is going on and discuss current goals of treatment.
  • We ask that you arrive 30 minutes early for this first appointment to complete some initial paperwork.

To get connected to services, students may choose from these options:

Scheduling over the phone

Call the center at 304-293-4431 and request an initial consultation appointment.

Online Scheduling

Schedule an in-person initial consultation appointment online by visiting our online scheduling page.

Please read the following before signing up for an initial appointment online:

  • Online scheduling is for in-person initial appointments. The appointments shown are for the next 7 days, so each day, more appointments are made available.
  • If there are no online appointments available, please call into our center to schedule your first initial appo intment over the phone at 304-293-4431 .
  • These appointments are not for urgent/crisis matters. If you need to talk to a clinician for an urgent/crisis situation, please see information about our Urgent/Crisis Clinic. You can also call 304-293-4431.
  • Online appointments can only be made during our normal business hours.  

Schedule your initial appointment online

Returning Appointments

If you are already connected to a clinician or service, please reach out to that provider to schedule an appointment.