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To schedule an appointment, click " Make An Appointment" during our operational hours or call 304-293-4431.

Make an Appointment

Initial Appointments

Details about initial appointments:  

  1. Consider taking our online mental health screening tool prior to your appointment. This anonymous screening covers areas of mental health, including depression, anxiety, academic distress, eating concerns, frustration level, family stress, and alcohol use.  It can give you a starting point on what to focus on during treatment. *This screening is not required to attend your first appointment. 
  2. Initial appointments are held in person.  
  3. Please arrive about 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment start time to complete some paperwork.
  4. Initial appointments are approximately 30 minutes. You and your clinician will develop a personalized care plan to fit your needs.
If you are seeking an appointment for Student Assistance Program (SAP), please call 304-293-4431. Online scheduling is not available for SAP appointments.

To get connected to services, students may choose from these options:

Scheduling over the phone

Call the center at 304-293-4431 and request an initial consultation appointment.

Online Scheduling

Schedule an initial consultation appointment online by visiting our online scheduling page.

Please read the following before signing up online for an initial appointment:

  • The appointments shown are for the next 7 days, so each day, more appointments are made available.
  • If there are no online appointments available, please call into our center to schedule your first initial appoint ment over the phone at 304-293-4431 .
  • These appointments are not for urgent/crisis matters. If you need to talk to a clinician for an urgent/crisis situation, please see information about our Urgent/Crisis Clinic. You can also call 304-293-4431.
  • Online appointments can only be made during our normal business hours.  
  • Please note: If you are scheduled for a telehealth appointment, you MUST be in the state of West Virginia. If you are out of state, please call to speak with a clinician about out-of-state treatment options.

Schedule your initial appointment online

Returning Appointments

If you are already connected to a clinician or service, please contact that provider to schedule an appointment.