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Well-being Adventure Series

West Virginia University has been awarded the Higher Education Policy Comission (HEPC) Campus Mental Health Grant; a project which seeks to bring a unique approach to both clinical intervention as well as outreach and education at WVU. The project consists of a threefold approach to addressing college students’ mental well-being using Therapeutic Adventure. Using the watershed metaphor as a guide, WVU will employ Therapeutic Adventure at three stages including Headwaters, Mid-Stream and Downstream. Each stage will employ a different programmatic effort. All programs and activities are free to WVU students. Each stage and its available activities are listed below.


Adventure WV and Carruth have partnered together to offer multiple open enrollment adventure-based programs designed to build community, build resilience, normalize mental well-being and familiarize them with mental health and well-being resources on campus.

Monday, October 17
Well-being Adventure Series: Paddle and Process!
Well-being Adventure Series: Ride and Reflect!

Wednesday, October 26
Well-being Adventure Series: Paddle and Process! (for graduate and professional students )
Well-being Adventure Series: Ride and Reflect! (for graduate and professional students )

Friday, November 4
Well-being Adventure Series: Climb and Connect!

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Adventure-based programming provides a novel context in which mental health outreach and education can take place.  This project seeks to use engaging adventure-based programming to stimulate participation in a mental health awareness and response training.  Participants would complete the Kognito online, interactive training module prior to engaging in a half day adventure program at Adventure WV’s Outdoor Education Center where they would participate in a variety of high and low ropes problem-solving activities coupled with Mental Health 101, a campus specific training focused on mental health awareness and resources. 


Sunday, November 6
Well-being Adventure Series: Connect, Get Creative and Learn!

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Therapeutic Adventure programming will also be used to support clinical offerings through the Carruth Center.  Carruth operates small group therapy sessions throughout each semester.  During the spring semester, one of these groups will be equipped to offer adventure based therapeutic components including Ecotherapy, problem-based group development, metaphorical frontloading and processing and ultimately culminating in a field-based outdoor program which could include backpacking, aerial adventure activities or paddling activities. Contact Kelly Bailey for more information at