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Anti-Asian Racism during COVID-19

We want to reach out to our students from Asian countries and of Asian-descent in solidarity during our joint struggle with COVID-19. We are dedicated to fostering a  supportive and inclusive environment for all members of the WVU community.  

Across the country we have seen a rise in xenophobia, discrimination, and outright racism and violence against members of Asian communities. We want our students to know that Carruth stands with you and condemns this behavior. It has no place in our country, our state, or within the WVU community. We want our students of Asian backgrounds to know we are available to provide you with support. We see you; we value you, and we care about you. 


Here are some resources for students of Asian backgrounds: 

How to be an ally 

Here are ways everyone can be an ally to Asian communities and help create a safe environment for all: 

  • Publicly show your solidarity by speaking out against racism and mistreatment of Asian communities. If people stay silent, we run the risk of hateful voices being perceived as consensus viewpoints. 

  • Use appropriate terminology in describing the virus. Avoid language such as “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Virus” which has potential to foment unnecessary hostility toward those of Asian backgrounds. Instead use more accurate terms such as “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus.”  

  • Show confusion and ask for clarification when witnessing racist humor or jokes regarding Asian communities and the virus, voicing discomfort with the premise where relevant. Staying silent may be perceived as agreement. 

  • Consider these strategies for having conversations with others regarding racist statements or language.  

  • Educate others by informing them that being of Asian descent does not mean a person is more likely to have or contract COVID-19. 

  • Gently remind others that this is a worldwide struggle and that those in Asian communities  are also sharing in this struggle. This is a time to unite, not to divide and level blame. 

  • If you witness hostility, try to provide distraction, contact authorities as necessary, and check in with the victim, showing support and kindness. Consider taking the  Hollaback! Bystander Intervention training and read more about bystander intervention.

  • Avoid sharing on social media posts or articles that show insensitivity to those of Asian backgrounds. If seeing hateful commentary online, consider these counter tips.

  • If you are utilizing pickup and delivery dining options, consider supporting Asian businesses and restaurants, as they have been disproportionately impacted by reduced business during COVID-19. If you have chosen to eat at home for most of your meals, consider purchasing gift cards from Asian merchants for later use. 

  • Check in with any classmates you have of Asian background who may be impacted. Many of our international students have less access to support due to inability to return home for the summer.