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March Newsletter

Welcome back from spring break! We’re excited to have you back on campus and hope you were able to take the week to rest and unwind, spend time with friends and family and take a moment to do things that you enjoy. Did you know today is the first day of spring? Spring signifies coming out of the darkness as we’ve transitioned from longer nights to longer days. We’re looking forward to warmer weather as the end of the semester draws closer.

You got through your midterms and you’re back from break refreshed, but as we all know, finals week is on the horizon. NOW is the best time to begin preparing yourself for your upcoming tests and projects. Taking time before the day of a big test or presentation to focus on preparation and taking care of yourself can minimize the day-of jitters. It’s important for you to have some tools in your toolbelt to help turn the volume down on your anxiety. The Carruth Center has listed some relaxation techniques below for you to try. You can use these techniques over the next few weeks and on test days.

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