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Monthly Newsletters

February Newsletter

We think it’s fair to say February can be a challenging month for many. The weather is cold, it’s dark and we’re all eagerly waiting for spring. February can also be an exciting month that brings opportunities to meet new people, grow relationships you already have and practice self-care.

When it comes to being the healthiest you can be, your connection with others might just be the biggest tool in your tool belt. Connecting with others comes with major health benefits and can help satisfy the three main areas in your life, including your physical, emotional and mental health. To make sure connections impact you positively, it’s important to make sure those relationships are healthy.

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January Newsletter

This is a new monthly email that will be sent to all students focusing on mental health from experts at the Carruth Center.

Your well-being is the most important thing here at WVU, and we hope that these emails will meet you where you are in your life, in your semester, etc. This is part of our commitment at WVU to keep you safe, share as many of our resources as we can and show you that you are loved and valued.

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