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Training Activities

Individual Supervision 

Interns receive three hours of individual supervision per week.  Two hours  are spent with the primary supervisor and one hour is spent with the secondary supervisor.  Interns can request to be assigned to particular supervisors based on clinical interest and goodness-of-fit.  Interns will be assigned a new set of supervisors half-way through their internship (mid January). 

Group Supervision of Assessment   

Interns participate in an hour-long weekly group supervision of their assessment activities. During the Intern Orientation the primary focus is on didactic training, article reviews, practicing administering, scoring and interpretation of results. Interns are expected to complete 7 hours of face to face LD/ADHD assessment once every two weeks. During group supervision, interns review their assessment cases and receive feedback. Interns also discuss pertinent articles and review their feedback sessions with testing clients. Interns also receive didactic training in topics such as psychological testing with the MMPI, and pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD.

Group Supervision of Supervision  

Interns participate in a weekly 1.5 hour Providing Supervision seminar.  In this seminar interns will learn various models of providing clinical supervision and how those models apply to their own work with supervisees. The seminar utilizes didactic material, review of interns' supervision tapes, case presentations (one per intern per semester) and consultation on particular challenges experienced in supervision during the internship year.

Intern Training Seminar  

Interns participate in a 1.5 hour biweekly Intern Training Seminar. Intern Training Seminars typically focus on basic aspects of service provision earlier in internship while more specialized topics are covered later in internship.  For example, seminars on ethical issues in treatment, boundaries in therapy, and crisis intervention are offered earlier in internship, while seminars on prolonged exposure therapy, psychopharmacology, advocacy, and spiritual issues in therapy are offered later.  Seminars are presented by senior staff and invited guest speakers.

Multicultural Seminar   

Interns participate in a 1.5 hour Multicultural Seminar, three times a month. In this seminar interns will reflect on their own cultural identity and multicultural competence, identify cultural influences on student development, examine guidelines relating to multicultural competence, and plan and enact cultural programming initiatives. Seminar facilitators utilizes didactic material, discussion, activities to encourage self-awareness, current local and national news events and a wide range of audiovisual materials to enhance the learning experience.

Professional Development Seminar   

Interns participate in a 1.5 hour Professional Development seminar about three times per semester.  Discussion topics include special readings in professional development issues, job search/application/interview process, early career psychologist issues, dissertation defense, research activities, licensing, credentialing, self-care, etc. During this seminar, interns will have an opportunity to discuss with the training director their progress, concerns, and provide ongoing feedback about their internship experience.

Outreach Seminar  

Interns participate in a 1.5 hour Outreach Seminar about three times per semester. This seminar involves didactic training and orientation to theories and models of outreach, as well as providing a space and time to discuss past, current and upcoming outreach activities of the center.

Group Therapy Seminar  

Interns participate in a 1.5 hour-long Group Training Seminar about three times a semester. This seminar is facilitated by the Group Coordinator and involves a combination of didactic training regarding various group therapy related topics and group discussion. In addition, this seminar provides a space to participate in informal group case conference attended by the interns and the Group Coordinator. During group case conference, interns informally discuss ongoing group therapy sessions for consultation and support.

Case Conference   

Interns participate in an hour-long weekly case conference, which is attended by all CCPPS clinical staff.  Clinical staff and interns present ongoing and complex cases for consultation and support. Interns make two formal case presentations during the year.  

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