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Intern Weekly Schedule

The schedule listed below summarizes an intern’s typical weekly activities. It should be noted that interns’ weekly schedules are arranged to include working one evening per week from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. It should also be noted that the expectation for scheduling five weeks during the year for After Hours Crisis duty is not listed here. Interns may also be required to present/participate in outreach/consultation activities during evening hours and/or on weekends.


Individual Supervision                                                       2 hours per week

Group Supervision of Assessment                                    1 hour per week

Group Supervision of Supervision                                     1.5 hours per week

Rotating/Crisis Seminar                                                     1 hour per week

Multicultural/Professional Development Seminar              1.5 hours per week

Case Conference/Staff Development                                 1 hour

Staff Meeting                                                                       .5 hours

Direct Service Delivery

Individual/group counseling                                                  20 hours per week

Crisis/Urgent Clinic                                                               3 hours per week

Consultation/Outreach                                                         .5 hour* per week

Practicum Student Supervision                                            1 hour per week

Area of Special Emphasis Activities                                     3 hours per week


Notes/tape review/supervision prep                                        6.5 hours

Outside readings                                                                     1.5 hours                                            

Average Total Number of Hours:                                         44**


*Consultation/outreach activities average .5 hours a week (e.g., you may do approximately two hour-long outreaches in a month).

**Averaging more than 40 hours a week is necessary because interns receive 5 weeks of vacation, and are required by APA to accrue a total of 2000 hours in order to complete internship.

Interns meet with the Training Director prior to each semester to discuss training goals and scheduling for the upcoming semester. In addition to constructing the ongoing training goals, the Training Director assists interns in monitoring their progress toward meeting the requirement of 2,000 hours of on-site activities, including 500 hours of clinical direct services, for successful completion of the internship.