Surviving the Holidays at Home

By Taylor Allen, MS

Going home for the holidays can be a great time to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. There are home cooked meals, readily available washers and dryers, and potentially a room all to yourself with no roommates/dormmates!

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Accessing the Office of Accessibility Services

December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Each year, the United Nations announces a theme to observe and this year’s focus is on empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality. Here at the Carruth Center and along with other departments on West Virginia University campuses, we place importance on empowering individuals and creating a sense of equality and inclusivity. 

At the Carruth Center, we often meet with students who are struggling academically and our office help students get connected to the Office of Accessibility Services. The Office of Accessibility Services helps improve a student’s academic success through arranging appropriate accommodations. Our staff also meet with students referred by accessibility specialists to receive appropriate documentation to meet the minimum requirements to obtain accommodations. Read on to learn how to effectively navigate the process to obtain accommodations through OAS, the Carruth Center and other applicable resources.   

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Handling Finals Stress

If you’re someone who experiences stress during exams and feel like you struggle to get a handle on it, it’s okay. Stress responses and nerves are natural human processes that clue us into life events that are important to us. However, many of us could benefit from utilizing stress management skills, even if it’s just to help get through the end of the semester a little bit more balanced and healthy.

So what’s the magic formula to making exams a pleasant, stress free experience? That may not be entirely realistic, but hopefully some of the strategies below can help you get through it just a bit easier. 

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How to Handle Midterm Worry and Stress

By: Chelsea Latorre

It’s that time of the semester; midterms are right around the corner. This event happens every semester and even seniors who have been through this process for years can have difficulty managing their levels of stress and worry. Let’s discuss stress and worry to help you better understand what this can look like in your own life. 

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