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Practicum Supervision

Each practicum counselor has the opportunity to be supervised by a licensed senior staff member for at least one hour of their individual supervision during the entire course of the year. Some practicum counselors will also be supervised by a supervised-staff member (including pre-doctoral interns) who is working under the license of a licensed staff member. Supervisors are changed at the beginning of the second semester giving the practicum counselors an opportunity to work with a variety of staff during their training year. 

All therapy sessions are audio or video recorded to provide first-hand information to their supervisor. Informal evaluations are conducted at each semester’s midpoint, and formal written evaluations are conducted at each semester’s end. All supervisors meet at the midpoint and at the end of the semester to discuss their evaluation of their supervisees. 

Practicum counselors are expected to follow all policies and procedures of the counseling center and to act in accordance with the ethical standards of the profession.