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Current Groups

Every Fall and Spring semester the Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services offers a variety of groups. Counseling groups are often the best way to work on areas of concern, especially when those concerns deal with issues that directly affect your relationship with others. Groups give you contact with peers as well as a therapist in a safe and confidential environment.

Membership in a group is by appointment only. We do offer drop in groups each semester, but these will also require that you make an appointment with us. Please call us at 304-293-4431 or drop by the Carruth Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Health & Education Building if you are interested in joining a group.

For further information about group services at Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services or to share ideas about a group you would like to see offered, please contact the Group Coordinator, Christine Simpson by phone at 304-293-4431 or email at

Fall 2018 Groups

Interpersonal Groups

Groups for men and women with a variety of concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, stress, forming relationships). Offers a safe environment to give/receive support, learn about yourself, and to practice new ways of relating to others.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Contact Christine at


Women’s Group

This group is full for the Fall 2018 semester.  Please check back next semester.

Group for undergraduate women with a variety of concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, family issues). Offers a safe space to give/receive support, learn about yourself, and improve self-care.

Contact Ashley at

Social Anxiety Group

8-week psychoeducational group for individuals with social anxiety.  It will include cognitive restructuring, graduated exposure, and focus on: social skills, assertiveness, performance/test anxiety, and self-esteem.

Contact Matt at

Sexual Assault Survivors

This group is designed for female students who have, at some point in their lives, experienced an unwanted sexual encounter. The goal of this group is to provide healing, empowerment, and emotional support for survivors of sexual assault. 

Contact Jessica at or Kayla at  

Q-mmunity Support Group

Support group aimed at creating a safe and affirming space where LGBTQ+ students can experience connection and community.

Contact Jeneice Shaw at

Student Assistance Program

Groups for students who want to learn more about drug and alcohol use. Multiple groups meet throughout the semester. 

Contact Missy at

Men's Interpersonal Process Group

This interpersonal process group offers men the opportunity to change ineffective patterns of thought and behavior, as well as explore and practice skills that have been shown to improve men's personal and social lives. 

Contact Narayan at

Medical Student Support Group

Support group for medical students with a variety of concerns. This group will specifically focus on the challenges associated with medical school and training.  Offers a safe space to give/receive support and improve self-care.  

Contact Brian at

First-Generation Student Support Group

Congratulations on being a first-generation college student!! It isn’t easy being the first in your family to go to college. That is why we designed this group with you in mind. This group will offer you a space where you can meet with other first-generation students (and two group leaders who themselves were first generation students like you). You will be able to access the resources you need to help you ease the pressure of college, find answers to your questions, and to help you talk with other first-generation students who are experiencing a lot of the same feelings, insecurities, and worries that you are! This is also a unique space to remind you that you belong here at WVU, that you are capable and resilient, and that you will be the first in your family to GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE!!!

Contact Teresa at

Life After Loss

A group offering support, understanding, and acceptance in a safe and confidential setting to help you work through your grief. No matter where you are at in this process, you are not alone in your grieving. Grieving the loss of an important person in your life is challenging and best supported in a group setting where sharing is done with others who can relate. College campuses can be a difficult environment to find a place to stop and reflect on the impact of losing someone. This group will help you set aside a time and place to reflect, remember and heal.

Contact Layne at

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Group

Weekly, skill-based group where participants can explore meditation techniques that assist in bringing attention to the present moment to help manage stress in life.

Contact Yaping at

Mood/Anxiety/Stress Groups

Groups available to students experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or stress. These groups aim at providing support, psycho-education, and tools for better managing these concerns.

Contact Kayla at

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