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Living in West Virginia

Morgantown is conveniently situated in the north-central region of the state bordering Pennsylvania and Maryland. It is a beautiful part of the state with a vibrant, neighborly, community and within a 90-minute drive of Pittsburgh, PA and the opportunities an even larger city can provide.

West Virginia is a mountainous state with scenic vistas and four distinct seasons. We have several state parks and available outdoor recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed year-round. During warmer seasons you can partake in white-water rafting, hiking, zip-lining, fishing, mountain biking, and more. In the winter you want to venture down local ski slopes.

Coopers Rock State Park Coopers Rock State Park, photo courtesy Matthew C. Kellar, PsyD

West Virginia has a rich regional culture. Morgantown and the surrounding area are home to many festivals and events where you can partake in craftmanship of local artisans and taste the local cuisine. Some examples include the Wine and Jazz Festival, Chocolate Lovers’ Day, and the Buckwheat Festival.

West Virginia offers a lower cost of living and real estate than the national average. While other cities in WV have seen a population decline, Morgantown has been growing. In recent years we have seen the development of new shopping plazas and town centers. Morgantown affords a broad array of restaurants with local fare as well as numerous international options.

Although West Virginia is largely rural, larger towns such as Morgantown do have more diverse communities than may be found in other areas of the state. An important factor for anyone to consider in moving to a new area is whether they will be able to find a sense of community.  Morgantown has a lot to offer, including museums, events, and opportunities to connect with others.

Cheat Lake Park
Cheat Lake Park, photo courtsey Matthew C. Kellar, PsyD

Opportunities for Finding Community

Morgantown Community Newcomers Club 

PFLAG Morgantown 

Islamic Center of Morgantown

Hindu Religious & Cultural Center 

West Virginia Chinese Association 

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