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Working at Carruth

What is it like to work at Carruth? Working at the Carruth Center offers a unique and fun work culture experience that gives a feeling more like family than workplace.  From committees to "Funches," there are numerous ways to get involved, develop your professional skill set, and be a part of our family.

From left to right, back row: T. Anne Hawkins, Sarah Milam, Ben Darling, Morgan Sharpless, Stephanie Harrison, Fanica Payne, Jen Randall Reyes, Seth Haxel Bottom Row, Left to Right: Brian Quigley, Jessica Johnston - York, Jeneice Shaw
Just some of our great coworkers here at Carruth!

Living in West Virginia

West Virginia is a mountainous state with scenic vistas and four distinct seasons. We have several state parks and available outdoor recreational opportunities within easy driving distance that can be enjoyed year-round. Morgantown itself is a diverse community and offers events and festivals year round.

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