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Crisis Text Line

Help is just a text away

College can be tough. If you're feeling stressed, down, or overwhelmed, text WVU to 741741 and reach a live, trained Crisis Counselor. It is free, confidential, and 24/7.  

The Crisis Text Line is not a replacement for regular mental health services.  Think of the Crisis Text Line as a tool that can help when you need some support and aren't sure what to do. 

How do I know if my crisis is a crisis meant for the Crisis Text Line?

Crisis Text Line emphasizes that a crisis you can text them about is " any painful emotion for which you need support."  Failed an exam? Broke up with a significant other?  Had a panic attack in public?  Changed your major and now your guardian or parent is upset with you?  Had a fight with your roommate?  You can contact the Crisis Text Line about all of these and more. 

The Crisis Counselor will invite you to share what is happening and text back and forth with you.  Learn more about how it works. The Crisis Counselor will help you move  from a "hot moment to a cool calm" and may provide resources for you to use afterwards.

How can I be more involved?

If you encounter a friend or classmate feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please tell them about Crisis Text Line and that they can text WVU to 741741 for support 24/7 from a trained Crisis Counselor.  Share Crisis Text Line posts from our accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Interested in becoming a volunteer Crisis Counselor?    Here's how to volunteer.