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The Carruth Center is open, but most of our clinicians are working remotely. We are only seeing psychological and psychiatric emergencies in person at this time. For information about counseling options available to students located in West Virginia as well as students currently outside of the state, please see our COVID-19 updates page.

Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills

Once you have established care with a psychiatric provider at the Carruth Center you may call (304) 293-4431 to request a refill of your medication. Be prepared to communicate the name of the medication, dose, frequency and name of your preferred pharmacy. Also, this may be a good time to request a follow-up appointment if you do not already have one. In some cases, we may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment prior to issuing a refill prescription. 

Refills may take up to 72 hours to process – please plan accordingly.

Stimulant Prescriptions

Stimulant prescriptions cannot be filled by phone and you must make an appointment with your psychiatric provider so they can assess the ongoing medical appropriateness of the prescription.

Stimulant prescriptions (Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and others) are Schedule II medications as designated by the Drug Enforcement Administration. This group of medications requires prescribers to follow stricter rules than with other prescription medications and is tracked accordingly. 

Although this group of medications may offer clinical benefit with some psychiatric disorders, the group as a whole has a higher abuse potential including the inappropriate distribution of the medication. Selling or giving your stimulant medication to another person may be associated with serious health and legal consequences.

If you think you or someone else may medically benefit from a stimulant medication, please seek an initial evaluation in our MindFit clinic or appropriate health care provider.

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