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The Carruth Center is open, but most of our clinicians are working remotely. We are only seeing psychological and psychiatric emergencies in person at this time. For information about counseling options available to students located in West Virginia as well as students currently outside of the state, please see our COVID-19 updates page.

Attention and Concentration Concerns

You may present to the Carruth Center with concerns about your concentration, focus, and attention. The ability of the brain to concentrate and focus on what you want can be influenced by many factors such as sleep, diet, exercise, alcohol and drug use, anxiety and depression, and attention-deficit disorder. Please review this web site when you can to update yourself on the resources that the Carruth Center offers that may enhance this area of your life.

At the Carruth Center, we team up with our psychology colleagues in the MindFit clinic if you or others in your life think your attention and concentration concerns should be looked at by a health care professional. 

An initial psychological assessment in the MindFit clinic will begin the process. This initial assessment looks carefully at your personal performance in areas associated with attention and concentration. Factors that may contribute to the difficulties you experience are discussed. 

The assessment will include a review of potential treatment options to address your concerns that may include non-medication options and psychiatric referral. Our psychiatrists work closely with the psychologists in the MindFit clinic and work to coordinate your care. This may include a combination of medication and non-medication treatment options.

If you have been previously assessed for and treated for a specific condition such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or “ADHD” (sometimes referred to as “ADD” in the attentional subtype) by an outside provider and wish to continue your care within the Carruth Center, you may need to provide documentation or be tested again.  More information about this is available on Assessment.

Please call (304) 293-4431 to find out more or to make an appointment.

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