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There are two kinds of assessment packages available for students at WVU.

MindFit Screening

MindFit Screenings are appropriate for students (1) who are experiencing academic issues and want to learn more about those variables affecting their achievement, or (2) those students who are seeking a medication evaluation to treat attention concerns. Every student seeking stimulant medication, even if they already have an official diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, must complete this screening. The testing session lasts about 1.5 hours.  The cost for the Mindfit Screening is $35.00.

Find out more about the MindFit program.

Comprehensive Assessment of Learning and Attention

This testing is appropriate for students who want to know whether their learning or attention difficulites may warrant a definitive diagnosis, and/or wish to pursue academic accommodations in the classroom.  Testing is done over two half-days.  The cost for the comprehensive package is $500.  

Insurance is not billed for testing packages.  Students should check with their insurance providers to ask about coverage for this type of testing and how to file a claim.

How to Sign up for Testing
  1. Visit us at the Health and Education building in room 227 to fill out an assessment form.  This takes most people between 20-30 minutes.
  2. Before you leave, schedule with the front desk staff.  Having your class schedule with you helps.
  3. Receive your testing date and information from the front desk staff.

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