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Seeking medication for attention-related concerns:

You will need to provide a copy of a recent (within the past two years) psychological assessment report that contains quantitative data supporting a diagnosis of ADHD.  Though any previous report is helpful, it is ideal for this evaluation to include:

  • A comprehensive clinical interview outlining the history of attention difficulties and the functional impact of these symptoms
  • Appropriate* objective instrumentation measuring relevant areas of cognition, executive functioning, and sustained attention and/or impulse control
  • A formal diagnosis of ADHD

*The objective measures administered should be well-known, psychometrically-validated instruments used in the field to assess attention, executive functioning, and relevant aspects of cognition (e.g. working memory).  

A single measure (e.g. a continuous performance test) is not sufficient; the evaluation should be comprehensive, and care should be taken to measure other domains that may better account for these issues, such as intellectual variables, sleep dysfunction, substance use, etc.

Interested in cognitive enhancement services:

Please call us to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gold to discuss enrollment in our cognitive enhancement services.


Interested in academic accommodations through OAS:

You will need to be scheduled for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Learning and Attention (Combined Battery).

If you are unsure of which services might be suit your needs, please ask to make a Mindfit Consultation with Dr. Gold, and he will be happy to help you.


Assessment Packages

Comprehensive Assessment of Learning and Attention

This testing is appropriate for students who want to know whether their learning or attention difficulties may warrant a definitive diagnosis, and/or wish to pursue academic accommodations in the classroom.  Testing is done over two half-days. 

The cost for the comprehensive package is $500.  All fees are non-refundable.  

Full payment for testing is due before the testing date.

Testing fees can be paid online through our epayment portal .  

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is not billed for testing packages.  Students should check with their insurance providers to ask about coverage for this type of testing and how to file a claim.

Find out more about the MindFit program.

How to Sign up for Testing

  1. Visit us at the Health and Education building in room 227 to fill out an assessment form.  This takes most people between 20-30 minutes.
  2. Before you leave, schedule with the front desk staff.  Having your class schedule with you helps.
  3. Receive your testing date and information from the front desk staff.

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