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Yaping Anderson, Ph.D. Supervised Staff Psychologist
Claire Barbetti, M.A. Psychology Intern
John Campo, M.D. Interim Director
Dayna Charbonneau, Psy.D. Staff Psychologist
Bev Dalton Administrative Associate
Ben Darling, M.A. Psychology Intern
Judy Dawson Administrative Associate
Brenda Everett, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C. Counselor/Veterans
Narayan Gold, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist
Stephanie Harrison, Psy.D. Supervised Staff Psychologist
T. Anne Hawkins, Ph.D. Clinical Director, Associate Director
Layne Hitchcock, M.A. Behavioral Health Therapist, Master's Practicum Coordinator
Amber Hoffer, M.S. Database Technician II
Jeremiah Hopkins, M.D. Psychiatrist
Majeda Humeidan, Ph.D. Training Director, Assistant Director
Jessica Johnston-York, Ph.D. Supervised Staff Psychologist
Matthew Kellar, Psy.D. Staff Psychologist
Kayla Grogg Meador, M.S.W., L.G.S.W. Behavorial Health Therapist
Sarah Milam, M.A. Psychology Intern
Fanica Payne, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W. Substance Use Disorder Specialist
Linda Perry Office Administrator
Missy Pforr, M.S.W. Health Promotion Specialist/Counselor
Brian Quigley, M.D. Director of Psychiatry
Jennifer Randall Reyes, Ph.D. Behavorial Health Clinician
Morgan Sharpless, M.S.W. Case Manager
Jeneice Shaw, Ph.D. Supervised Staff Psychologist
Daphne Sheets Administrative Associate
Christine Simpson, Psy.D. Staff Psychologist
Teresa Stire, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist
Sara Troupe, Psy.D. Supervised Staff Psychologist/Outreach Coordinator


Taylor Allen GA Practicum
Connor Fais PhD Practicum
Sandra Fanning GA Practicum
Adam Hansell MA Trainee
Alexandria Kinder PhD Practicum
Audrey Stefenson MA Trainee
Seth Swary MA Trainee
Spring Szoka GA Practicum

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