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Claire Barbetti, Psy. D.

Supervised Psychologist


University of Dallas, BA, English Literature 
Duquesne University, MA; PhD, English Literature 
Chatham University, MA; PsyD, Counseling Psychology


My orientation to psychological life integrates Interpersonal, Feminist/Multicultural, and Ecopsychological approaches, each looking at different aspects of the relationship of humans to the world around them. This focus on connectivity and context—the whole picture—forms the basis of my conceptualizations of people and their process of change. I also believe that each person is the author and expert of their lives, so I strive to meet people where they are and focus on their needs in that moment in time. Because our bodies (neurology, muscles, fascia, biorhythms, etc) are not separate from our psychology, I also utilize trauma-informed somatic and mindfulness-based interventions where appropriate.


Trauma, PTSD, and Complex PTSD; Sexual and relationship health and well-being; LGBTQ+, Substance use disorders and recovery; Anxiety; Art therapies, Mindfulness and Somatic therapies


As long as I can remember, way back to my childhood in Louisiana, stories were my lifeblood. My bedtime stories (my parents were great storytellers) ranged from Make Way for Ducklings to The Odyssey. My first professional work was in contemporary women’s poetry and medieval English literature, and I taught college courses for over ten years in that field. And then I decided to become a psychologist. I came to psychology through literature and story, and through conversations with my students about their academic and personal struggles, which became conversations about how they experienced their growth and
perceived the world around them. How humans experience growth and how they change are the themes that connect literature and psychology for me, and these themes have become my work, particularly with the college-age people who are experiencing so much growth and change in a very short amount of time. I’m so happy to continue this journey at West Virginia University's Carruth Center in this beautiful and adventure-filled state!


Hiking, Hiking, Hiking! Travel (especially to cold and lonely places), yoga, climbing, reading, drawing, singing, making things beautiful


Books: Harry Potter is a great comfort to me (House: Gryffindor); Beloved, Toni Morrison; Pearl, The Gawain Poet
Food: oatmeal raisin cookies, coffee, almonds :)
TV: The Wire, Treme, The Americans, 30 Rock and stand-up comedy

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