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Al Kasprowicz, Ph.D. Director
T. Anne Hawkins, Ph.D. Clinical Director
Cathy Yura, Ed.D. Director of Collegiate Recovery
Tandy McClung, Ed.D Staff Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Practicum Coordinator
Shane Chaplin, Ph.D. Training Director
Mei Ng, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist
Morgan Sharpless, M.S.W. Case Manager
Narayan Gold, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist
Layne Hitchcock, M.A. Behavioral Health Therapist, Master's Practicum Coordinator
Christine Simpson Staff Psychologist
Elijah Wise Staff Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator
John Spraggins, M.S.W. Program Administrator, Student Assistance Program
Missy Pforr, M.S.W. Health Promotion Specialist/Counselor
Dan Long, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Mindfit and Assessment Services
Ashley Kasardo, Psy.D. Staff Psychologist
Susie Mullens, MS Behavioral Health Therapist
Kelli Crawford, MSW, LICSW Behavioral Health Therapist
Mary Schaffer, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist
Marion Kostka, Ph.D. Casual Worker
Ed Etzel, Ph.D. Adjunct Staff Psychologist (Athletic Dept.)
Brian Quigley, M.D. Director of Psychiatry
Wanhong Zheng, M.D. Psychiatrist
Jeremiah Hopkins, M.D. Psychiatrist
Erin Horn Pre-Doctoral Intern
Gabriela Huffman Pre-Doctoral Intern
Kara Johnson Pre-Doctoral Intern
Chesley Morgan GA Practicum
Olivia Scott GA Practicum
Sarah Addicks GA Practicum
Chelsea Latorre GA Practicum
Jeneice Shaw GA Practicum
Olivia Scott GA Practicum
Craig Foster GA Practicum
Melissa Foster PhD Practicum
Kayla Grogg MA Trainee
Lan Griffith MA Trainee
Jana Fogaca MA Trainee
Tammy Sheehy MA Trainee
Tyler Collie MA Trainee
Allison Hayes MA Trainee
Linda Perry Office Administrator
Bev Dalton Administrative Associate
Judy Dawson Administrative Associate
Amber Hoffer Database Technician II

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